RNB Singer Mario Sparks Online Debate After Instagram Post

Photo Source: Billboard

Baltimore, M.D. – Sensational Actor and RNB singer Mario sparks online debate after he wrote a post about “good women” versus “h**s” on his Instagram page. According to TheShadeRoom, “Positioning himself as somewhat of a relationship expert on social media, Mario took his role a step further with a recent post on Instagram regarding “good women” and how they can save themselves from the heartbreak of competing with “h**s”.

Even in Mario’s acting career, he chooses to take humble and decent roles. In September 2018, Billboard mentioned, “A new recurring character—played by singer/actor Mario—will be joining the cast of Fox’s Empire. The hit musical drama begins its fifth season on Wednesday, Sept. 26. Mario will play the role of Devon, described by Fox as “an earnest, up-and-coming R&B singer who supports his ailing sister”. He is more than a one-trick pony.

Photo Source: TheShadeRoom

TheShadeRoom also mentioned, “This certainly isn’t his first time attempting to uplift Black women, as he recently expressed a similar sentiment earlier this month. Mario previously explained that it’s more crucial  than ever before for Black men to support Black women at all costs—particularly given the current climate”. Right on brother! Who better to tell Black women to love themselves than a prestigious Black man? Not all viewers of Mario’s post agreed with what he said. According to SEOThreeSixty , “Following his post, there were a range of comments about Mario’s advice, as some totally agreed with him, while others found flaws within his logic”.

Photo Source: Yomzansi

“PSA To all the good women out there, God told me to tell you who may be losing hope. DO NOT TRY TO COMPETE WITH THESE H**S! They in a whole other league. Make a choice of who you want to be and stick with it. #respectfully FYI A h** a different type of good women for a certain type of man. Make sense?”

Mario, Instagram

After a positive post on Instagram by RNB singer Mario, who dedicated it to black women loving themselves as is, an online debate sparked. If someone is spreading positivity how can negative comments and backlash become appropriate responses? Despite the negativity, Mario continues to post positivity on his Instagram page. The talented brother owns his own music label, paved his on way in the music industry and acting scene, and can’t have an opinion that uplifts all women?







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