QEB Foundation

Qn. Everlena Brown (QEB) is the media personality behind QEBVLOG.TV produced by her media and entertainment production outfit QEB, LLC. She is currently finishing her Masters of Arts: Organizational Management – Media after completing a B.A. in Journalism/Mass Communications from Ashford University. She feels very strongly about the homeless and unemployed in metro Atlanta, having turned her own life around by continuing her education. As the entertainment industry grows in Georgia, she is dedicated to mentoring future young professionals with Art Hubbard And giving back through the QEB Foundation.


On Feb 3, 2011, KCAMP headlined a concert for DREAMin on Trinity Ave to benefit Make-A-Wish GA. He not only performed, but made the first DONATION to support Qn. Everlena’s cause.


“While battling breast cancer, my stepmother told me to never stop dreaming. What better way to honor her memory than granting the wishes of children with similar conditions.” says Qn. Everlena Brown. She was first introduced to the Make-A-Wish Foundation in South Florida by celebrity photographer, Douglas Lance. Qn. Everlena ends, “Our coverage attracted more supporters and media to their events. Thus, this was the first form of AWARENESS that I got involved in. Now, I want to do more!”

Former programs & fundraising chair for Akon’s Konfidence Foundation, after the event she immediately referred KCamp to Bu Thiam, Akon’s brother and newly appointed VP of A&R for Def Jam (Universal) at the time.  Later that year, JR, a protege of Bu Thiam begin managing KCamp. In the meantime, Qn. Everlena continued to book interviews with KCamp for every radio station where she worked. Three years later KCamp was signed to Interscope (Universal). It pays to support a worthy cause, because you never know who might find you a worthy cause because of it.

“Entertainment is a tough business, and I really wanted to quit. But when I heard KCAMP got signed, I knew my small gestures didn’t go unnoticed. I had recently left Konfidence Foundation, but still texted Bu for 2 weeks to check out KCamp’s music. I never knew if my messages got through, until his mother, Shauna Hervey,  ended a phone conversation with me to talk to JR. I never told her what I had did, and it was a time where she wanted me to be more involved. But, I had to let go and let GOD if I wanted her son to truly succeed. When he got signed, I knew my faith and charitable work was not in vain. Instead of giving up, I would officially launch a non-profit” – Qn. Everlena Brown

QEB Foundation promotes literacy in Education, Finance, and Technology. Due to the lack of self-knowledge and digital divide prevalent in individuals from low income areas, the foundation uses MEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT to create awareness and funds. The foundation believes these individuals are destined to repeat their current socio-economic status without the proper tools to change their family tree. Therefore, the foundation empowers the working-class, with special interest on Women, with the resources needed to transform a generation.


Our current campaign is “QIKBAK WEEKEND: Atlanta Music Rodeo & Cancer Yacht Party” to benefit THE $1,000,000 Scholarship Fund. 

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