WQEB 97.3 — What’s POPPin!





🤠12-2PM ET (11A-1P CT) CHI/MPL/DAL

😋4-6PM ET (2-4PM MT/1-3PM PT) DEN/SEA

🥳 8-10PM ET ATL

🤩2-4AM ET (11P-1A PT) LAX

MEDIA SALES 404.532.9232

Donations support the the following: 

A. FREEDOM RIDE RAFFLE: $3 from every donation of $5 will benefit our global relief efforts in the USA, Haiti, Mexico, Nigeria ,DR Congo , & Cameroon . Each subscriber gets a chance to win a car, bike, or truck! 

B. BLACK FAMILY ENTERPRISE DRIVE (BFED): Starting at $69 donation 500 Families led by 1 Entrepreneur are selected to start or expand a business in this pilot program. Our unique cooperative economic development services include basic consulting: business planning, registration, certification, credit review, real estate options, and funding opportunities. SIGN UP after speaking with our Chair (404) 532-9232.

*You do not have to be Black to serve the Black Community. ALLIES WELCOMED*

The Black community represents $1.7 TRILLION of the US GDP. However, only 34 BILLION (2%) is reinvested back into the Black community due to a lack of literacy in education, finance, and technology. The QEB FOUNDATION has developed two programs WQEB 97.3 and the Federation of American BIPOC to develop the Black community and other underserved neighborhoods. Anchored by a radio station, we believe job creation and access to higher education will decrease crime in host cities. Our ability to eliminate the most oppressive talking points would also lead to a decrease in police brutality. Why a radio station? Journalism is not only the first draft of history, but a mirror… therefore our way of taking accountability as a member of the Black community.

For example, $1.7 TRILLION is enough money to end police brutality in USA, SARS in Nigeria, mining crisis in DR Congo, ongoing anglophone battle in Cameroon, bail African nations out of debt & colonial taxes, supply basic needs for Haiti, Mexico plus more! The art of radio allows us to educate and evaluate the community, while we congregate. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

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