Akon elevates with AKOIN

7177D24F-8B91-40E4-8621-3BBC36A47DF0.jpegBy Qn. Everlena Brown

Toronto, CA – Thousands of people in the room, but it felt like Akon was talking directly to you. Wearing a gray and white three-piece leisure suit he glided across the stage in sneakers. Sitting next to Tyrone Rex Edwards, Akon opened the interview with his main inspiration to elevate Africa.

“In the neighborhood where we grew up, nothing in Africa had changed. It was the same villages, same struggle, same lifestyle.” says Akon.

Following up with key childhood moments and his musical journey, Akon showed us ultimately why Akoin’s revitalization of Africa was a global solution. It was his second time as a guest speaker for ELEVATE, Canada’s premier destination for innovations in technology held annually in Toronto.

Known mostly to the world as a recording artist, Akon joined the conference to demonstrate Akoin. Similar benefits to Bitcoin, Akoin is more than another profitable crypto ecosystem. It was inspired from the same process that prompted Akon Lighting Africa from natural gas to solar energy. Evolution is inevitable!

“I always compare everything to Music. First we had big A-tracks then went to vinyl. Then from vinyl to small cassette tapes. From tapes to CDs, from CDs to mp3s. Now we have streaming. It went straight from analog to digital. Now take currency for example, we started with trading cattle. Then from cattle to trading sliver and gold. From silver and gold to trading paper. That’s the dollar.” says Akon, alleging digital currency is the next step.

His energy company to date has provided hundreds of millions of people with electricity. However, the Akoin ecosystem is providing the true light. He understood early on that it wasn’t enough to provide a viable resource for Africa if there was no sustainable economy to elevate it. He indulged the crowd on various ways Akoin could be that sustainable economy.

“What we are trying to do with the Akoin system is to allow everyone who has a concept or idea to create value around that. When you create that networking system around these apps, then they can utilize whatever piece they need.” says Akon. He went into detail on how the very people engaged with Akoin would be a resource to elevate each other. For example, one member launching a school may use other members for legal aid, human resources, or building construction.

Confident in his ability, the Senegalese government granted Akon land to build a real-world “Wakanda” fueled by Akoin. According to him, the “Akonda” crypto-city will break ground this coming March.

Akon disclosed insight on the Akoin platform as well as life. You left the auditorium knowing ‘True currency is in what you value’. And those values will determine how well you adapt to change, and your ability to elevate… personally and professionally. Akon ends “When you have a gift and don’t use it, you’re doing a disservice to yourself and society.” Starting in Africa, Akon plans to replicate his Akoin vision in other parts of the world.

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    Hello I wanted to ask about the lineup for performing artists. I manage a female artist with a band here in Atlanta, GA. Are you still looking for entertainment?


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