Inspiring Minute: Will Smith Claps Back at 50 Cent

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Will Smith is upset about 50 Cent’s recent comments about him and Jada’s relationship issues. He thought that 50 Cent was his friend but he was acting like Judas who betrayed Jesus. 50 Cent hit Will Smith up on Twitter in his DM’s about what was said on the show instead of calling him on the phone in regards to the recent Red Table Talk with Jada and Will.

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50 Cent is all up in Will & Jada’s tea. In the latest episode of Red Table Talk, Will has a conversation with Jada about August Alsina. After the show aired 50 Cent hit Will in the DM. What began as a wellness check ended with a check check. To make matters worse 50 Cent posted a screenshot of the exchange on social media, thus exposing his true intentions. The taunting continues as Michael Blackson copies 50 Cent’s childish behavior. In Matthew 26:50, Jesus responds to a subject: “Friend, do what you are here to do.” 50 Cent should have been frank with Will. He could care less about how he was doing. He most likely was upset about how Jada’s actions against Will affected the image of Black men. Let’s keep Will & Jada… and 50 Cent’s immaturity in prayer. 

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