NFL: Washington Redskins Change Their Name Decades Later

Photo Source: ABC News

Washington, DMV – After decades of scrutiny, the National Football League (NFL) has decided publicly to change the name of the Washington Redskins team. War History Online reported, “For years, protesters have demanded the team stop using the name which they find offensive to Native Americans.” According to the NFL, The team announced on Monday that they’d retire the Redskins name and logo to something much less offensive and enhance the ‘proud and rich franchise’. 

Photo Source: USA Today

This change comes after ethnic Native American groups deemed the name as an ethnic slur. Redskins sponsors such as Nike, Target, Walmart, and others have also decided to step down and remove the teams merchandise from their stores after facing backlash. The team has had the name since 1932 which begs the question, What took the NFL so long? Finances? Money? The Washington Post mentioned that, “Owner Dan Snyder reportedly trademarked ‘Washington Warriors’ over a decade ago.”

Photo Source: Bleacher Report

The new name has yet to be revealed. Owner & head coach Daniel Snyder told the Washington Post he’s working on a name that would honor the military and Native Americans. Following weeks of riots and the protests heard around the world, the Redskins are the first to work on a name change. This echoes progress in the world of football.

Let’s hope that other major sports teams follow in their footsteps real soon! 





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